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Th ere are other great tools, both commercial and community-driven, that can help you achieve more with Entity Framework.

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On Sun, 08 wrote: > > Some people don't want a _desktop_ PC; > Some? I'd say MOST people neither need nor want a desktop PC. A desktop PC is. There are some nice features here: Keyword arguments, which give flexibility to API design.

This looks good to replace all those options hashes in rails for example, though I wish they'd made it an all or nothing thing, apparently you can still do this. I'm trying to learn about the DirectWrite API so I can get a flexible solution to the problem of rendering text from any culture, and potentially use it to incorporate rich text editing into an application with a lot more control than the "canned" ways of editing/displaying text.

Nov 25,  · DirectWrite hello world sample This sample shows how to use DirectWrite and Direct2D to render the text "Hello World" to a CoreWindow.

DirectWrite hello world sample

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Directwrite api download mr fee
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