Banning the burqa in australia

Would you require a female? Excuse me, I want to Banning the burqa in australia what security we talking about here? Tariq Ramadan in Doha, welcome and thank you for joining us, you are an Islamic Scholar, you were advising French lawmakers against a ban on the burqa, why?

My business is that everyone lives on an an equal footing that we go face free in the street, that we can recognise each other and then that we do not live in ghettoes.

When our society gets to a point where we think it is OK for people in their day to day life to wear a mask, cut themselves off from their fellow Australians and go about their business completely without any comment or adverse reaction, I think we have lost the battle for what is Australian cultural identity.

Sometimes it is an identity crisis, sometimes it is a protest and sometimes it is just a spiritual journey. These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionSenator Pauline Hanson is calling for the burka to be banned in Australia The leader of Australia's far-right One Nation party has worn a burka on the floor of the nation's Senate.

I think you will find that society does. And I will tell you something, I think when some people say we are stigmatising a religion, we are stigmatising women who are wearing such clothes, I'm sorry, I am the victim.

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson pulls off the burqa she wore to question time in the Senate chamber. I am very cool, don't worry about me being cool.

I answered that question. Keep cool, keep cool Tariq, we have a long way to go, so keep cool. If someone with a niqab or a burqa walks into a bank they are not challenged, if they walk into a petrol station they not challenged, if people go in with a balaclava on they are challenged or a motorcycle helmet they are challenged to reveal their identity.

Which countries have banned the burka?

How willing are you to remove your veil in a bank and in court for example, in an airport and those sorts of places. Now the issue is starting to boil in Australia.

Of course, it is their choice, and they should answer that, not me, but Islamicly, there is a practice of code for everything. Okay, you only decided to wear it a year ago though, didn't you?

I may express my modesty through the covering of my face which is fine. Just a quick comment from you Jacques Myard, I just want to ask you specifically one question which is are you worried about a backlash in France against this decision to ban the burqa?

The fact is that most of us are well and truly bored with this discussion. The burqa, the veil, whatever you want to call it, is one of those.

Just let him finish. No, you didn't say. Senator Hanson said that this was a debate that was happening across the world and Australia could not hide from a difficult conversation out of fear of causing offence.

I completely disagree, it is more to do with knowledge. Now, how much evidence do you have though that it is presenting a real problem in terms of security? You abide by the law and you respect the free choice and there is no one who can come in the secular state to tell the Muslims this is Islamic or not and this is cultural or not - this is for the Muslim to say.

But Prime Minister Kevin Rudd made it clear that enforcing such a ban was not a state policy. Dr Ali, who was the chairman of the Howard government's Muslim advisory council, said yesterday he was prepared for an angry backlash from some sections of the Muslim and wider community.AUSTRALIA — An Australian senator known for her strong stance against Muslim immigration has been widely condemned for wearing a burqa to Parliament House.

In video of the parliamentary session. veil of suspicion – banning the burqa in australia and europe arab, muslim, race & ethnicity, religion, news & documentary This clip was produced in by the Australian. The burqa is a garment that covers the entire body, with a semi-transparent cloth covering the eyes (Reuters) Australia is facing a backlash after the government has proposed a burqa regulation.

In Austria, legislation banning the burqa comes in to force from October There are thought to be up to women who practice the full face cover, making up % of the Muslim population.

Denmark passes law banning burqa and niqab

In Australia, a total ban on the burqa would be problematic. Section of the Constitution prohibits the federal government from making any law “prohibiting the free exercise of religion’’.

An Australian Senator Cori Bernardi has called for the banning of burqa in Australia describing it as the most public symbol of fundamental Islam. These are just but examples of a few legislations regarding the banning of the practice of wearing the burqa.

Banning the burqa in australia
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